Our proces

We have helped our customers increase their Customer Conversion and Retention Rates by 15% to 300% based on this process: 

We define your business goals

Together we define and describe the business goals you want to achieve – such as increased revenue and lowered costs.

We describe your customers

In order to understand your customers and their behavioral patterns, we create Customer Archetypes (Personas). They help us provide a clear and customer-centered focus throughout the optimization process.

We understand your technology

Before designing your new or optimized E-commerce store, we get a technical insight into your E-commerce platform.

We build a new e-commerce store

Our methodology ensures a smooth and customer-centered development process, based on the following steps:

  1. User-testing your current site to locate errors
  2. Designing a new E-commerce store to improve sales
  3. User-testing and quality assurance
  4. Launch

We measure the results

Once your new E-commerce store has been launched, we measure the improved 
business results.

Your fee can be based on our shared success.