Benjamin Gundgaard is an E-commerce Expert, a #1 International Bestseller of Smartphone E-commerce, and a Keynote speaker. He has helped his clients increase their conversion rates by 15% to 300%.

Why he founded CustomerSense

In 2004 Benjamin Gundgaard founded CustomerSense, as he wanted to create a 100% independent E-commerce Consultancy.

He quickly realized that E-commerce companies can increase their revenue vastly by building customer-centered E-commerce stores.

He wanted to create business results

Benjamin Gundgaard started CustomerSense as he would like to help E-commerce stores sell more and to create happy customers. 

From day one, CustomerSense has fulfilled this mission by creating substantial business results with higher Customer Conversion Rate improvemens in the range of 15% to 300%. 

His approach

Benjamin Gundgaard is methodical yet pragmatic. His approach is always based on documented knowledge and results (he has carried out more than 200 usability tests).

When collaborating with a client, he strives to be focused, dynamic, skilled and pleasant to work with.

A renowned speaker

Benjamin Gundgaard furthermore is a renowned speaker at E-commerce and Usability conferences.