Why hire us?

We create vast business results

We are expert at converting E-commerce visitors into customers and to retain them.

We do so by combining usability, design and business skills, to make sure your customers are provided with good, customer-centered shopping experiences.

Our clients have experienced vast revenue increases in the range of 15% to 300%, based on higher Customer Conversion- and Retention Rates.

We are experts

At CustomerSense we build and optimize E-commerce stores only. We believe you must focus at (and love) one thing to be really good at it.

We make usability and business goals walk hand-in-hand

Even minor usability flaws can cause poor Conversion-, Retention-, and Average Purchase Rates.

Due to this, we have developed an E-commerce Methodology based on 6 general rules on how to create good customer experiences:

  1. Provide new potential customers with a focused first impression
  2. Motivate the customer to buy your products
  3. Make it easy for the customer to locate your products
  4. Support the customer’s buying decision
  5. Make it easy for the customer to buy (checkout) your products
  6. Personalize the shopping experience

We are measured by your results

Our success is measured based on your improved business results.

Before starting a project we thus – free of charge — calculate the potential results we can help you achieve.

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We are proud to say that all our clients are references.