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Speaking and Lectures

Benjamin Gundgaard - keynote speaker

We train your staff

We can boost the skills of your staff, by teaching them how to design commercially successful E-commerce sites.   

When we train your staff, they get insight to our ways of thinking which includes our methods, tools and processes.

We provide inspiring lectures

We can inspire your company by providing real-life and case-based lectures that illustrate how to build and measure the effects of customer-centered usability and design.

Benjamin Gundgaard - a renowned speaker

If you are planning an E-commerce conference or a seminar, Benjamin Gundgaard will guarantee to deliver high-end inspiration and documented knowledge on how to sell more online.

When speaking, Benjamin's main goal is to give the participants tools they can use to improve their own E-commerce websites. His style is engaging, pragmatic, direct, professional, case-based and it always includes a great deal of humor.

High ratings
Benjamin always receive high ratings when speaking at conferences and seminars, especially as he is not afraid of handing out learnings, tools, etc.

What people think of Benjamin's presentations:

      ” Nice presentation with lots of valuable info. Smooth flow ”
      ” He is really good at disseminating his knowledge ”
      ” He is really skilled ”
      ” I could implement most of his examples directly in my own web shop ”
      ” Good examples, many cool findings which I can definitely make use of ”
      ” It was excellent ”
      ” You get a lot of information in a very appropriate flow. Very trustworthy ”
      ” He has a clear message which I learned a lot from ”
      ” I learned a lot about usability on E-commerce websites and what it costs to make mistakes "
      ” He is a major talent! ”
      ” Very interesting and he is good at story-telling ”
      ” Really good! Inspiring and with a clear focus ”
      ” Super at k…. a.. He got me to think about what I need to improve at my own site"
      ” Benjamin is definitely worth recommending to anyone working professionally with E-commerce

Contact us

Benjamin Gundgaard

Founder & Director

You are very welcome to contact us for an initial talk on how we can help you improve your business metrics.

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