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How we build an E-commerce website

We define your business goals
Based on market data and knowledge about your business, together we define and describe the business goals you want to achieve - whether these may be increased revenue or lowered costs.
We describe your customers
To understand your customers and their expected behavioral patterns, we create customer archetypes. They help us provide a clear and customer-centered focus throughout the entire development process.
We understand your technology
Before we start prototyping your new site, we are provided with a technical brief on the nature and possibilities of your technical platform.
We build the new site
Our process ensures a smooth and customer-centered development process as generally described below:
  1. Developing a prototype and flow- / functionality specifications
    We develop a complete and high-fidelity prototype in which we page-by-page illustrate (a prototype does not contain design) all computer screens.

    When developing the prototype, we consider all usability and interaction design issues. The prototype is supported by a detailed flow- and functionality specification.

  2. Technical clearance of your new site
    Once the prototype has been completed (and sometimes during the process of developing the prototype) we carry out a technical clearance together with your technical responsible to make sure that the new site we have developed works in accordance with your technical setup.

  3. Designing the improved site
    We design your new site based on our design approach, which makes usability and design walk hand-in-hand.

    If you would like to make use of an in-house or external designer, we ensure that the prototype, flow- and functionality specifications are properly handed over to the designer in question.

  4. Briefing the technical team
    Once the design has been completed, we hand over the prototype, flow- and functionality specifications together with the design to the technical team and make sure they understand how to implement the design in accordance with our guidelines.

  5. Test (quality assurance)
    We help the development team test the final version of your new site to quality assure all functionalities, features, flows, etc.

  6. Launch
    Once your site has been launched, you are ready to start monitoring your performance in terms of reaching your business goals.

We measure the results
Once the site has been launched, we measure the improved business results.

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