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We help you sell more online   

CustomerSense is as a highly specialized E-commerce consultancy.
Our customers have experienced increased conversion- / retention rates in the range of 15 - 300 % together with saved costs.

Below is a partial list of companies we have done business with (which does not include all, current and confidential projects).

25% conversion rate increase
Based on a thorough re-design (prototyping, user-testing & documentation) of TUI's booking flow, we have increased their customer conversion rate by 25%.
50% round trip sales increase

We have re-designed the DSB webshop based on a thorough re-design process.

15% revenue increase
We have re-designet The Europæiske Travel Insurance's main page and all insurance purchase flows based on our re-design process.
15% conversion rate increase
We have helped Copenhagen Airport to sell 15% more parking tickets at www.cph.dk
90% payment ratio increase
We have helped The Scandlines optimize the booking flow on their current site in terms of converting more visitors into customers.
25% conversion rate increase
Our re-design of www.smartgirl.dk has improved the website's conversion rate by 25%.
45% conversion rate increase

Our re-design of www.smartkids.dk has made the website's conversion rate increase by impressively 45%.

Conference keynote
Benjamin Gundgaard was the keynote at a conference arranged by Barclaycard and DIBS. 

105% revenue increase

We have user tested the Sanistål B2B E-commerce website and have helped them optimize their site (prototype and design) to provide their customers with the best possible buying experiences.


Expert Evaluation
We have carried out an expert evaluation of www.gemoney.no for General Electric (GE) that outlines how to make the website convert more browsers into buyers.
User test
We have carried out a user test of www.bilbasen.dk (owned by eBay) in order to make the website more user friendly.
50% revenue increase
We've re-designed the DSB Orange search result and check-out flow, based on our re-design process.
Expert evaluation
We have carried out an expert evaluation of www.tryg.dk in which we recommend how to make the website more customer centered.
More usable website
We have helped ASE make their website more user-friendly.
We have educated FDM Travel staff members about e-commerce and usability.
Better usability
We have carried out a usability test of Gad.dk
We've educated them
We have educated their staff members about usability and e-commerce.
We've optimized their website

We have designed the checkout flow at www.dibs.dk.

Staff training
To ensure a shared business-oriented focus across all members of the TDC development team, TDC contacted us to educate them in the commercial effects of usability.
We've built their site
We have been recruited to re-design the Novasol website based on our well-defined and efficient design process.
We've built their site
We have been recruited to re-design the Dansommer website based on our well-defined and efficient design process.

We've improved their extranet
Within less than 2 weeks, we prototyped the changes Deloitte now successfully has implemented and launched.
We've user-testet their website
We have carried out a user-test of their website to help them make it even more usable and commercial.
New booking flow
We've built the Comwell booking flow.
Lead generation
We've helped HandStep convert trafic into qualified customer leads.
We've built their website
We have built (usability and design) the new YouHeShe.com website.
New booking flow
We've helped the Folkeferie web-enable their backend booking flow.
B2B E-commerce
We've helped the Danisco improve their partner-based B2B E-commerce solution.
Benjamin Gundgaard has been a keynote speaker at the 2008 Usability Days hosted by the Danish IT Organization. He received the highest rating by the conference attendees.
Speaking at conference
Benjamin Gundgaard spoke about how to sell more online at www.dialogkonferansen.no and got one of the highest speaker grades.
Easier self-service
We have made it easy to become at client and to administer your customer account at Switch.dk

Benjamin Gundgaard

Founder & Director

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